The Legend

The legend of The Puya is long and full of mystery. However only those privileged enough can read and contribute to it. Click on the link below to enter.

You will be prompted for a username and password

Username: Apartment block number where The Puya originated

Password: Name of the street the apartment was on.



for those of you who rode the short bus, IF The Puya started on 515 Veteran apt 44, the username would be 515 and the password would be Veteran. The username and password is NOT 515 Veteran, don't try it. Honestly, I'm not joking, that was not a hint, only an example!

NOTE: That is only an example, why would I ask for a password and post it right below? Approximately 10 people a month try 515 Veteran as the username and password! Come on people, learn to read!