Los Angeles Parking

Fined while standing right next to my car, not even the Nazi's were this cruel!


Parking Violations Bureau

P.O Box 30247

Los Angeles, CA 90030

Dear Sir or Madam:

This morning I received a ticket for violating a meter at 10950 Weyburn, this ticket was issued  while I was standing next to my car as time expired. I had arrived to my car with one minute left on the meter, I opened the passenger door to place a few items in the car and I was approached by a tourist who was lost. The tourist was visiting from the Middle East and had a hard time speaking English. As I was helping the tourist to find his bearings the time in the meter expired. I was standing right next to my car the entire time and any reasonable person could have concluded that I was standing next to my car. Does the Parking Violations Bureau expect a reasonable person to stop assisting a visitor to our country in order to place more money in the meter, or should I have simply told the man “sorry I can’t help you, my meter is about to expire”?  In lieu of recent events regarding the conduct of Americans in the Middle East, I did not want to further taint our reputation, thus I helped the man find his way.  

When I turned around to go to my car I noticed the parking officer had begun writing a ticket and told me she couldn’t stop writing once she began. Again, there is a reasonable expectation that if I am standing next to my car to help someone, I would not be ticketed without first being asked if it was my car. This system is against public policy and does not promote good will towards others. Officer Howard could have taken an extra second to simply ask if it was my car that was in violation. I am appealing to the good nature and good faith of the Violations Bureau to cancel the ticket and mark it as invalid.





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