Wild Turkey

On June 28th my good friend Collin celebrated his birthday. To celebrate I bought him a bottle of Wild Turkey Barrel Proof. While bringing the gift to work, the cork fell off and the bottle broke! Here is the letter that followed.


Dear Customer Care:
My friends and I are big fans of your product, and have been drinking it for several years. A friend suggested that we try the Wild Turkey Barrel proof, so I went to the store today to pick up a bottle. Unfortunately, I will not be able to enjoy the barrel proof whiskey tonight, due to the bottle breaking as I carried it out of the car. I had held the bottle by the neck, which looked secure, however much to my dismay, I soon realized that the cork top in the barrel proof bottles is not very firm, the cork came off as I was holding it and the bottle fell and shattered. While this won't prevent me from going back to the store to spend another $40 for a bottle, I felt compelled to write your customer care so that maybe something like this can be prevented in the future. I have held many bottles of liquor by the neck and none of them have ever opened and fallen to the ground, not even the regular Wild Turkey bottles. Is there something that can be done to the Barrel Proof bottles?
Crying over spilled whiskey,


The folks at Wild Turkey were kind enough to send us a new bottle through overnight mail!


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