Watch Repair

$58.95 to repair a $60 watch. What are they thinking?


Dear Parsec Enterprises Watch Service,

I just want you to now how incredibly ridiculous this estimate
is...especially since the watch didn't even cost $60!  I shipped the watch
first class mail for about $1.50, why does it cost $8.95 to send it back?!? 
The freakin' dial to set the time/date fell off the watch after a few months
of use, how could that possible not be covered by the one-year waranty!!! 
If Bill Walton saw this estimate, along with the way your company operates,
there are only three words he would be able to conjure up: "That's just


Here is the Watch Repair Estimate:

Parsec Enterprises Watch Service

Repair estimate: 322780
Repairs: case clean...water test
Parts: battery...stem & & crystal
Notes: The repair is not covered by the warranty.

Repair Charge:          $15.00
Part Charge:             $35.00

Shipping/Handling:    $8.95   First class mail
                                           add $ 6 for UPS ground
                                           add $15 for SDA
                                           add $24 for NDA

Total of all charge:    $58.95

Prepaid:                   $0.00

Balance Due:           $58.95

The Estimate is guaranteed for 30 days from 04/13/2004.

Part availability may be limited.  A quick response is recommended.

The repair will begin as soon as payment is received.

___Proceed   - Visa or Mastercard Only
___Return    - Do not repair....Enclosing return postage $8.95
___No repair - Do not repair...Do not return

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