Chicken McNuggets

Our friend Mr. Jordan is a big fan of the dark meat McNuggets. However due to the increasing waist line of the average American and the fast decline in fast food customers. McDonalds has decided to only serve white meat nuggets. As if that makes it healthier. Here is his letter to McDonalds:

We appreciate the fact that you now have all-white meat chicken McNuggets. However, we feel this is unfair for those of us who enjoyed the moist and delicious flavor of the dark meat nuggets. I understand that the recent attacks by Carl's Jr. and Jack In the Crack may have persuaded you to take this marketing stance with there silly campaigns. But Please! For the sake of humanity can you please at least offer a deal with all-dark meat chicken McNuggets. I recently visited one of your Santa Monica locations within walking distance of my office and purchased the new chicken McNuggets, to my do you say "they sucked". I'm sorry to be so blunt, but they just aren't as moist and tender as the beautiful dark meat I have grown to love and respect from your establishment. Furthermore, I'm not sure if there is a racist reason behind your all-white meat campaign. I don't want to go there, but it's fairly obvious that Ronald, The Hamburgler, and the Fry Guys
are all Caucasian in descent. It is only Grimace and my childhood love of your corporation that keeps me from launching a full blown racism suit against McDonalds for this new all white campaign. In closing, please at the very minimum provide us loyal customers with the option to consume your delectable, moist, flavorful, and grilse-filled dark meat tenderloin nuggets...I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I don't love McDonald's because I'm harsh, I'm harsh because I love McDonald's!

Response from McDonalds within 24hrs of sending the email.


Thank you for contacting McDonald's. Customer feedback is very important
to us, and I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed with our Chicken
McNuggets made with White Meat.

Be assured that at McDonald's, we continually review our menu to ensure
that we serve the products that our customers will enjoy most. As
appropriate, our Menu Management team makes changes or enhancements to our menu based on customer feedback. We strive to satisfy the tastes of
the 46 million people we serve each day.

Since it's ultimately our customers who decide what products are offered
at McDonald's, your comments are especially important to us. I've shared
them with our Menu Management team for their ongoing evaluation of our

Again, thank you for contacting McDonald's. We look forward to serving
you for many years to come.

McDonald's Customer Satisfaction Department



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