Before disembarking on my trip to Europe. I needed a ride to the airport. I decided to use SuperShuttle. Here is a break down of my not so "Super" experience.

UPDATE: SuperShuttle Customer Service pulled through. I will give them another chance.


Customer Service,
I am writing this letter in regards to my SuperShuttle experience on December 19th 2003. I had scheduled for a van to pick me up from my apartment at 6:15 AM, my address is 123 Main St Ave #1, Los Angeles, CA .
My first point of concern was that the driver of the van did not stop in front of my apartment, but at the neighboring complex. When I came out to go to the van, the driver made no attempt to assist me with my luggage, and I had to walk up the hill about 30 yards in order to reach the van. While I am more than able to walk up a hill with luggage, a reasonable person would expect that when my address is given, then van driver could stop in front of my apartment building and not the neighboring one.
The trip to the airport was further delayed as the driver was lost on the way to the next pickup and made an illegal u-turn in order to get on the right track. In this day and age of GPS navigation and Thomas guides, there should be no reason why a driver is lost, let alone disobeying traffic laws.
Finally, upon arriving to LAX, as I exited I handed the driver my credit card. He asked, in very broken English, if I had cash, and was quit disgruntled that I had not told him earlier that I was going to pay with credit card. He hastily took my card and asked me to fill out the credit card slip. I filled out the price which was $20.75, and signed the slip. When I handed the slip to him, he criticized my writing and said he could not make out the 20.75 that I had written. I was quite appalled that while rushing me to fill out the slip and giving me an uneven writing service, the driver, who could hardly speak English was criticizing my handwriting. After traveling throughout non-English speaking countries in Europe, I found many people who spoke English much better than your driver. I cannot understand why in America, SuperShuttle cannot find a driver who can speak English.
Furthermore, when I originally filled out my reservation I noted that I would like to pay with credit card. It should not be my responsibility to inform the driver that I wish to pay with credit card. The last thing on my mind when entering the shuttle is whether I will pay with cash or credit. What is the point of telling the reservation system that I will pay with credit card, if I upon entering the van I have to inform the driver that I will be paying be credit. It should be the driver's responsibility to ask me upon picking me up, if I will pay by cash or credit. But then again, in this situation, I doubt the driver could have asked me in English if I wished to pay with credit card. Maybe if I spoke his native tongue, I would not have been in this situation.
My experience with SuperShuttle was not "Super" at all. The next time I need a ride to LAX, I would much rather walk than to have to use your service. I will forward a copy of this email to the better business bureau, and I will also post a copy of it online, so that the next time someone searches for SuperShuttle online, they will find this letter and think twice about using your service.
I have a copy of my credit card receipt which can be mailed or faxed to you if required.
Finally, your website only gives to forms of contact for customer service. One is this email which is for reservations and the other is for technical support. This is not a reservation specific question, there should be another address for other inquiries. Then again, if my not so super Shuttle experience is how this company regularly does business, I can understand why you would not want people contacting you.
Thank you,



Response received within 24 hours. However, they called me Mrs!


Dear Mrs.,

I would like to apologize for the frustration that you experienced with our service on December 19th.  SuperShuttle's commitment is to provide efficient, reliable, and courteous transportation to our guests at all times.  We obviously fell short of that goal with this incident.

Mrs., from your account of the incident it is quite obvious that we need to go over our customer service procedures with our driver since this occurrence was certainly not in accordance with SuperShuttle standards.  A copy of this complaint was forwarded to the driver manager and appropriate action was taken.

Thank you for making us aware of this incident.  If you are requesting a
refund please respond to this email and I will forward the claim to my
supervisor.  You can mail your receipt to 555 Van Ness Ave. Torrance, CA 95555 or fax it to (310)555-5555 attention Quality Assurance.  I sincerely hope that your opinion of our organization will not be permanently altered and that you will give us another chance to show you the professional, courteous, and timely service in which we provide.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Quality Assurance Department
SuperShuttle Los Angeles Inc.

Another Response. Nevertheless, I am still Ms!



I would like to apologize for the poor service you received from SuperShuttle on 12/19; we do take customer service very seriously at SuperShuttle. The driver that transported you has had some prior customer service issues and also received another complaint after yours. He has been re-trained and warned in the past and he obviously did not take it seriously. He has now been dismissed from our company and will never operate a SuperShuttle van again.


I know that John Hess had emailed you to send us a receipt but at this point I will have them issue you a refund check for $20.75 and also a free ride voucher. Iím hoping you will give us another chance to prove our service to you.


Thank you and again my apologies!

General Manager

SuperShuttle Los Angeles



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