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If you've ever had to take a flight on a Friday afternoon, you know that getting to LAX is a nightmare. You have several options when embarking on the expedition to the airport, (1) drive yourself, (2) ask a friend for a ride (3) take a cab or a shuttle. If you ask your friend to drive you on a Fri, you will be forever in debt. You will have to return the favor by buying a nice dinner, taking care of stupid pets, or having to be a wingman and hook up with a fat chick so your friend can get the cute friend. If you take a cab or shuttle, you run the risk of being late or having to deal with SuperShuttle (see letter). So I am only left with the option of driving and parking at an overnight lot. LAX offers overnight parking lots, but they are not covered and the busses never run on time. Through the wonders of capitalism, other parking structures opened up, I have been using The Parking Spot and things were always great. This all changed the night of July 17th:


I am writing to complain about the service I received on 7/17/06. I have been using your facilities for over a year and have always been pleased with the service you have provided. In fact, I have referred several friends and co-workers to use your parking lot as opposed to others that are near LAX. However, after last night, I will hesitate when referring others to use The Parking Spot.  

I arrived to pick up my car at approximately 1:45 AM, I proceeded to the exit kiosk where there was a sign that informed me to pay at the valet cashier. I parked my car and headed to the valet cashier. I paid the cashier at 1:55 AM (as indicated on the receipt). I then asked the cashier what I needed to do to exit, he told me that if I go to the gate it will open automatically. I walked back to my car and drove to the exit gate. The gate did not open, so I pressed the button that was marked “press for assistance.” It rang and rang and there was no answer, thus, I backed my car out and tried another gate. Again, it did not open and I pressed the assistance button again, still no answer. Once again, I backed my car out and walked to the valet cashier. Two of your employees were surfing the internet with their backs towards the window, I could not get their attention, I finally found someone to help me. I explained how I had just paid and that the gate did not open. She told me to go back to the gate and press the assistance button and she will open it. One more time, I walked back to my car, drove to the gate. And press the assistance button. Again, no answer, so I tried again, and still no answer, I was not happy. At this point one of your vans pulled up behind me, I got out of my car and explained the situation to him. He told me to try another gate, yet, he did not back his car out. I waited for a minute and the gate finally opened, the time was 2:05 AM. 

What should have taken 5 minutes became a 20 minute nightmare. There were three employees at the valet register, one security guard walking around the complex, and one driver. Yet nobody seemed to care. If your facility is open 24 hours, I should receive the same service whether I am leaving at 5 PM or 2 AM.  I should not have had to make 2 trips to the valet cashier, nor should I have had to back my car out numerous times to try different gates and parking kiosks, and finally I should no have had to get the assistance of a driver to finally open the gate. This was completely unacceptable.  

I'd to think that this is one-time incident that can still be remedied but until I see otherwise I am going to post this letter on a website so that when people search for "The Parking Spot" they might come across this example of how a loyal customer gets treated by your staff.  I am also going forward this to the California Better Business Bureau Thank you very much for your time.


My receipt number was xxxxxx

My Spot Club number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you

We received a response within 2 business days. The manager was very nice, he said he will use the email in future staff meetings and he will send me a free parking pass. All is good, The Parking Spot is still #1 with the staff at

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